Welcome to Limitless Beauty.  We all want to look and feel our best.  With Microbladding and permanent make-up we can all achieve this around the clock!   I offer many different procedures customised for any client.




Rozanne Olson before and after first Microblading session.

Rozanne Olson before and after first Microblading session.  


Rozanne Olson 1 day after having her eyebrows microbladed. As you can see she is very blond and hardly had any eyebrows. We went on the light side and not very thick. That will be for the touch-up. Less is more! We can always add but taking it away isn’t an option. So when they fully heal in three weeks they will look even better! I will make sure to add the finished pictures when we are all done!

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Rozanne Olson after her touch-up.  Her eyebrows turned out really gorgeous!


Pam Hanson- Eyeliner    This is the first go through on Pam’s eyeliner.  Some spots were getting a bit swollen so we will finish them on the touch up.  Also we wanted to start thin because we can always go thicker but not the other way!!

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Jen’s eyebrows before and after her Microblading session.  The second picture is minutes after getting them done and the first picture is only 2 days after.  They are healing beautiful!


Kaelynn’s eyebrows before and after being microbladed.


Three views of Kaelynn’s eyebrows directly after they were done.  They turned out beautiful!





Diane’s before and after getting her eyeliner done!  This is directly after and they are still swollen just a bit.  I will post the pictures after her touch up.  We can always add more later but it is a lot harder to take it off!  They also turned out wonderfully!



Micro Needling the face

IMG_20170728_121949_012 (1)

One day after Needling the face Marjie’s wrinkles in her forehead and eyebrows are diminishing!


20170614_123955Debs eyeliner after touch-up!


Right after first 3D areola reconstruction.


Maggies eyeliner turned out beautiful.  This was immediately after we were finished!


Immediately after first microblading appointment!


Before, directly after Microblading,and an hour after!


Before and after Microblading!


Scalp microneedling to regrow hair!


Before, after first session, and after touch-up!


Before and after Microblading!


Marjie’s beautiful eyebrows after Microblading!


Microneedling to remove acne scars!