Please remember all procedures come with a free consultation and of course a free touch up.  AGAIN LADIES do your homework.  If people are offering these procedures at low prices there is a reason why!  It is expensive in our field to keep legal so make sure they have appropriate State License, Shop License infectious Disease permit, and insurance.  This is our FACE! We want only the best

Microstroke (microblading) Brows

Microblading is a form of tattooing color into the skin by a stroking technique with needles in a curvilinier configuration.  This allows for the brow strokes to look amazingly like hair. 425+tax 

NEW PROCEDURE…..Skin Micro Needling

This procedure is so exciting and is used for so many different things!  Please read the following page to find out how this can help you.  Micro Needling is so great that I needed to devote an entire page to informing you of all the benefits!!!

Scalp Dermal Needling Treatment

All types Hair Loss

 $250+tax per procedure or

$1000+tax for 5 procedure treatment package

Dermal Needling Skin/Wrinkle Treatment/Scars

Forehead $250+tax

Crows Feet $250+tax

Smile lines $250+tax

Full Face Coverage $500+tax

Neck & De’colletage Fee TBD @ free consultation

Large Area Fee TBD @ free consultation 

Burns, Stretch Marks, Surgical Scars, and Acne Scars TBD@ free consultation


NEW PROCEDURE….Tattoo Removal and Correction

This procedure is a saladermabrasion method.  It may require up to 6-12 treatments depending on how big the tattoo is and how deep. Many will only require a few procedures.  This procedure is fast and easy to do.  come get rid of those unwanted tattoos.  This is not just for the face but also body tattoos!                                                                      250+tax per session  

3-D Powdered Brows with hairstrokes

When using this method you usually use 2-3 different shades in the same color family.  We would use one color for the whole brow and the other two colors for hair strokes.                     425+tax

Brow Hairstrokes

This is another method to use hair strokes to fill in the brows for a more natural look.           400+tax

Powdered Browliner

In this method you use one color to fill in the brows completely.                                                     400+tax

Lip Liner

Say goodbye to smeared or bleeding lipstick.  This will beautifully line your lips.                       400+tax

Full Colored Lips and Liner

This procedure will line your lips than fully fill them in with color, as if your have your full lipstick on. Say Goodbye to bleeding and smeared lipstick it will only stay where you want it now supposed to!                                                                                                                                            550+tax


Always wake up to Eyeliner perfectly on your eyes!  No smearing, no sweating it off, and no having to use steady hands each morning to put it on.                                                                         450+tax

Lash Enhancement

Do you have light lashes? Do you not have much hair left in them?  This is for you!  It will enhance your eyes and make your lashes look fuller.                                                                            300+tax

Two-Toned Eyeliner

This is the same procedure as eyeliner it just can be done with two colors.                                   600+tax

Beauty Mark

You can add a beauty mark where ever you want.                                                                                   150+tax

3-D Areola Pigmentation/Restoration

This is a 3-D perception Areola Pigmentation/Restoration.  This is for any women who has suffered threw cancer or any other surgeries and unfortunately lost their nipples in the process.  Most insurance companies cover this procedure with a referral from your doctor!                                                                                                                                                                 Bilateral 1100+tax   Unilateral 1100+tax  INSURANCE COVERED!!!!