About Limitless Beauty

My name is Keely Clevenger, PCC. I am a Washington State Licensed and Certified Technician of Microblading and all forms of permanent makeup, three Tattoo Removal systems, Correction Specialist, Micro Skin-Needling, 3D Areola Reconstruction, skin camouflage, hair density, Scalp Micro Pigmentation, Stardust eyeliner, lip blush, “S technique” and more!!  I am an artist first and foremost and this was a natural progression for me.  I love my job and I enjoy designing the perfect permanent makeup for each customer! Permanent makeup is a true passion for me.  I won Best of the Northwest’s Best Cosmetic Artist in 2017 and 2018, ever since they had this category.  This is a huge achievement.  Permanent makeup is an art form and you want the best when you are working with your face!  If you want the best come to the best, Limitless Beauty!  I am licensed, insured and have 24 certifications. Permanent makeup is not something to be bargain shopped….remember ladies and gentleman this IS YOUR FACE!  You want the best, and that is what you will get from Limitless Beauty!

I have lived in Whatcom County almost my whole life except for a small stint in Santa Cruz, CA.  I now live one house away from where I grew up with my two beautiful children.  Marek is 11 years old and Meira is 6 years old.

I decided to open Limitless Beauty so I could work for myself in an intimate environment. My customers will enjoy having a one on one experience with no distractions in a private location.  I look forward to working with everyone!  Please contact me with any questions or any concerns you may have.  Remember you have a free consultation so we can use that to discuss what is right for you.

My philosophy with permanent makeup is to always start conservatively and work your way up.  We can always make something thicker, fuller and darker but it is a lot harder to take it away!  If we stat conservative than we always have a place to go from there.  Touch ups are free at Limitless Beauty so you are 100% sure you will get exactly what you want done.  I think because of working from this perspective I have always had customers who are completely happy.

Also people that get Microblading, or any other service the touch ups are on a time scale so you will not be paying full price.

Thank you,

Keely Clevenger, PCC